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About the Black Sea coast

Rest on the Black sea coast - in Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odesa regions is a harmonious combination of the southern sun, open warm and tender sea, beautiful sand-shell beaches, healing mud of salt lakes, warm days and cool nights, abundance of fruits and fish, which is good both for a journey alone and for a family trip. Although the tourism sector of the region is only gaining momentum, all advantages make this area very attractive both for tourism and for promotion of health.

Like mushrooms after the rain, grow up many rest houses, private houses and hotels of the Black sea coast, which offer every year more and more conditions for recreation by the sea. There are many estuaries the coast, rich in fish, and a combination of steppe and sea air masses will give not only a charge of vivacity, but also a health for the next year. Starry sky, soft embrace of the wind, balanced sound of the sea, calmness and serenity of summer evening - this is a holiday on the Black sea.