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About the Azov Sea coast

Azov sea is the most shallow sea in the world, along and across with sandy spits, which go far beyond the horizon in the vast expanse of the sea. When question is where spend summer holiday with whole family at democratic prices, the best option is to have a rest on the Azov coast, it is the ideal combination of accessibility, high level of service and unforgettable atmosphere of special cordiality.

Recreation centers, boarding houses and hotels of Azov cordially meet each guest and offer not only accommodation, but also a variety of services in sphere of entertainment and recreation. There are endless desert sandy beaches, beautiful sea with a gently sloping gradient and high content of mineral salts, healing mud of estuaries, and advantage of rest with children, even the smallest, is that the sea is shallow. Constant companions, accompanying your vacation on the sea of Azov, will be great weather, flows of sunlight, clean fresh air and soothing scents of steppe herbs, and high level of service of hotels. After having a rest here, each convinced that this is a truly unique resort area with favorable natural conditions, recognized the best place for children and family rest.